<img src="Book-with-Shadow.jpg"alt="picture of buying home improvements book"This book could save thousands of pounds¬†and months of misery for home owners planning a major home improvements purchase.¬†Commission motivated sales people manipulate customers, trained and encouraged by managers while directors turn a blind eye. Turnover and profit continue to be more important than the needs of the customer. Feedback sites are evidence that something is wrong with a system that is supposed to be protected by trading laws already in place. Products that are typically sold by commission only sales people are windows, conservatories, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stair lifts, conservatory blinds, solar panels, garage doors plus many others. Whatever you are thinking of buying, chances are that you will have to deal with a sales person and negotiate a price. If the sales person doesn't sell, he doesn't earn which means that his needs are more important than yours. The Home Owners guide to BUYING HOME IMPROVEMENTS levels the playing field and enables you to take control. Customers are too often coerced into a hasty decision based on fear of paying more if they wait. Even when they take their time and research the product, they still buy an overview of a product, trusting the sales person to take care of the details. Lack of training and commission needs too often mean that the order is not as the customer expects. The company has no obligation to correct the mistake because the order was signed by the customer.   The Home Owners Guide to BUYING HOME IMPROVEMENTS reveals the tactics used by some sales people to manipulate customers into signing. It gives you the power to negotiate the best price and the knowledge to ensure that the order is correct. Buy the book HERE