Avoid Common Mistakes When Ordering a Kitchen

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Ordering a new kitchen is not as simple as it seems.  You ought to be able to rely on your sales designer but too often the designer is new or just not good enough at the job.  Below are some common mistakes and some aspects of design that customers are not made aware of.

  1. Filling spaces with cabinets that are uneven.Most double cabinet sizes are multiples of 100mm from 700mm to 1200mm and they are split evenly in two with two symmetrical doors.  If your cabinet is 750, 850, 950, 1050, 0r 1150, they will be uneven.  For example, a 950 cabinet will have one door of 450 mm and the other will be 500mm.  If symmetry and balance are important to you, this will drive you mad.  Always look for balance and symmetry where you can and consider where the handles are going as they can accentuate imbalances.  This kitchen would have been better as a handleless so that the odd sizes and the fact that the handles are both on the right would be less noticeable.

  1. Plastic plinth covers.These plastic covers for the bottom of plinths look fine in the showroom.  They are supposed to tidy up the bottom of plinths and help to stop dirt going under the cabinets.  In a real kitchen where it is impossible to first of all keep clean and then clean when they are covered in grime, they look disgusting and are just germ and dirt traps.  They serve no real purpose and look yellow and tatty quite quickly.



  1. If you choose doors that lift up, make sure that the end ones clear any cornices.  In this one, the door cannot go high enough for the servo hinge to hold it up which means that you have to keep hold of the door while retrieving things form the cupboard.  Make sure also that you can reach the door to close it again.

In this picture, you can also see that the join in the cornice has been made in a very obvious place.  It could have gone at the other end where it would not have been as noticeable.  A straight cut also looks better and less noticeable if it is in line with a natural line of a cabinet end.  Little details make a difference.


  1.  Choose your sink wisely.  This sink looked very nice in the catalogue but had to be changed.  The water ran over the sides and every time the customer put something on the drainer, it would knock the tap on.  The drainer was also too small compared to the size of the sink.  Avoid buying kitchen accessories from pictures if you can. They are often not quite as they seem.




  1. Handles. Consider handles very carefully.  They can make or break a kitchen.  In this kitchen the handles are much too big for the small drawers and this looks messy.  It is not necessary to have a handle on the parent door on a corner cupboard.  When you choose a handle, make sure that you are able to hold it against the smallest drawers and doors as well as the largest.  You do not have to buy your handles form the kitchen company if you feel that their range is limited.  Pushka sell a great range of knobs that could make a kitchen look unique and are often cheaper. www.pushkahome.com/  Also have a look at The door handle company http://www.doorhandlecompany.co.uk/


  1.  Inside cabinets.Make sure that you know what is going inside your cabinets.  Some companies provide half depth shelves which can be annoying unless you store a lot of tall items. In this picture the corner cabinet on has one shelf along the back and the customer was expecting it to fill the whole cabinet.  The unshelved area is completely useless to her.





Take a lot of time over choosing your kitchen and visit a variety of types of supplier.  The big national companies all supply kitchens with similar features as they are restricted by what they can manufacture.  Small companies have access to a much wider range and tend to be more creative.  Give them a try instead of picking the top three that appear on Google.

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